About Us

Since 1983, Alaska Family Health & Birth Center (AFH&BC) has provided families living in interior Alaska with safe and high-quality alternative maternity care. We are the longest standing and most experienced out of hospital birth center in Fairbanks, Alaska.  Both first time mothers and experienced mothers are welcome.  We have assisted thousands of women in co-creating the birth experience they desired, whether in the privacy and comfort of our facility or in the intimacy of their homes.  AFH&BC is a true community based birth center that has served generations of families in  Alaska.  We would love the opportunity to work with you and your family!

AFH&BC has a non-profit designation (Via Vita Health Project, Inc.) and is CABC accredited, ensuring that we are practicing the highest quality of care.

Our Philosophy

Labor is hard work — and the rewards are worth it!

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We believe that women possess the instinctual ability to give birth naturally. The process of giving birth puts a woman deeply in touch with the wonder of creation unlike any other.

Natural childbirth can empower you to trust your body and embrace your innate mothering wisdom. As you surrender to the natural birthing process, you will emerge from it with greater resources than you had when entering into it.

  • The birth process enhances bonding between you, your baby and your mate. Natural childbirth utilizes the mother’s biochemistry.
  • Your body naturally produces oxytocin which causes uterine contractions, as well as intense feelings of love.
  • In addition, your body produces beta-endorphins that are the source of natural opiates that cause euphoria and help to lessen pain.

This wonderful design peaks at childbirth and begins to unfold the beauty of intimate bonding.

The midwives at AFH&BC are guardians of natural birth and provide an environment that helps you trust in the ability of your body to birth a baby naturally.

Safety Matters

As midwives, we are trained to notice if there is deviation from normal and take appropriate measures to support you and your baby’s safety.

Serving Our Community

We are truly honored to serve our community and are delighted to see the transformation of families through birth.