Home Visits

Whether you deliver your baby at the birth center or at home, your midwife visits you within 24 hours to follow-up on how you are recovering and check on how your newborn is adjusting to his or her new environment.


Home visits especially for you and baby

A home visit within 24 hours after childbirth supports your recovery and breastfeeding efforts.

During this home visit, your midwife:

  • assesses how you and your baby are doing overall
  • ensures your baby is nursing properly
  • determines if you need extra assistance or support with your recovery and/or breastfeeding
  • performs metabolic screening (mandated by law)
  • schedules appointments with lactation consultants or doctors (if needed)
  • offers additional home visits as needed

Our objective is to assure you that you have all the support and assistance you need to recover and properly care for your baby.