Nothing is more meaningful or sacred than the birth of a baby. Let the midwives at Alaska Family Health & Birth Center help you and your family prepare for this precious event!

Childbirth with low intervention

Because of our deep connection to the community and our convenient Fairbanks location, we are honored to assist mothers from all over the state of Alaska.

As midwives, our focus is on low intervention and safety during labor. We believe this focus contributes to good outcomes for both you and your newborn. We are aligned with the ‘Ten Steps of Mother-Friendly Care’ outlined in the Mother-Friendly Childbirth Initiative.

Whether you choose to have your baby at our the birth center or choose to have a home birth, you will always receive:

  • Alert and continuous monitoring to allow for immediate transport to emergency care (if needed)
  • Privacy
  • Minimal intervention
  • Exclusive bonding and attachment with your baby immediately following the birth (including delayed cord clamping)
  • Informed consent with all care of you and your baby

Learn more about choosing water birth either at home or at the birth center.