Prenatal care at Alaska Family Health & Birth Center in Fairbanks is so much more than an itemized checklist of exams and testing. We firmly believe in a woman’s instinctive ability to give birth and mother her child from conception through birth and beyond.

We structure your maternity care to reinforce your body’s natural instincts and fully prepare you and your baby for a safe, healthy and natural childbirth.


Our midwives make a difference

Any woman who has birthed a baby with us will confirm: our midwives take the time to listen and understand your thoughts and perspective. In addition to embracing a sense of empowerment, you’ll receive comprehensive prenatal care which includes lab work, ultrasounds and referrals for additional consultations (if needed).

Can you transfer into our birth center?

It is possible to transfer into birth center care at any time during your pregnancy. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation.