Buy a Tile or Sponsor a Birth Room

Nancy Hausle-Johnson is a local artist who creates beautiful Alaska flower tiles that are on display in our new birth center. She is generously offering her mastery to help us continue to serve our community.

Donate to the New Building

Beautiful Flower Tile

You may purchase a unique flower tile by Nancy Hausle-Johnson for a $500 donation. The tiles are displayed in our new building and all proceeds go directly to helping us pay off the building. Up to four people may contribute to a single tile and also may choose to have their names placed on it.

Gorgeous Mosaic Mural? or Picture?

With a $10,000 donation, you can sponsor an entire birth room in our new center with a large handmade piece of artwork by Nancy Hausle-Johnson. Designed with a specific theme, these gorgeous mosaic tile pictures can include:

  • your business entity
  • and/or names of individuals (for example, as a memorial)

Send your donation to…

Alaska Family Health & Birth Center
2054 30th Ave
Fairbanks, AK 99701

Please include a note with any text you would like to see on the tile or mural.