Board of Directors

Our Purpose, Values and Strategic Goals

Our core purpose:
We transform families through the experience of birth.

Our core values:
We nurture and empower women in pregnancy through childbirth with Christ-centered caring.

Long-term, 10-year goal:
AFH&BC will have a sustainable, accessible, state-of-the-art, midwifery-based birth center providing birth services to 20% of the babies born in the interior of Alaska.

Mid-term, 5-year goal:
AFH&BC will achieve “Phase 1″ of its long-term goal by securing its own property and facility housing a minimum of 4 birthing rooms and staffing a minimum of 3 full-time midwives. We will increase the percentage of births and families we serve in Fairbanks from 10% to 15%.

Board Members

Jenny Cross

Rachel Pleasants

Jerry Colp

Dawn Tozier

Erin Floyd

Ariena Jensen

  • Jerry Colp, President
  • Rachel Pleasants, Vice President
  • Erin Floyd, Treasurer
  • Jenny Cross
  • Ariena Jensen
  • Jacquie Makinen*
  • Robert Makinen*
  • Dawn Tozier

* Jacquie and Robert Makinen share a seat on the board.