Group Prenatals


Arctic Family Circle


Whether you are giving birth at a hospital, home or birth center, we believe that birth outcomes are improved by replacing fear with knowledge of your health and trust in your body.  Learn how to have a happy pregnancy, birth, and post-partum and give your family the best possible start.

Every Wednesday from 10:30-12:00 at the birth center, we have our prenatal education group (Arctic Family circle).  These classes are open to all women, whether in our care or not.  There are 6 different sessions:

  1. Nutrition and Exercise for a healthy mom and growing baby
  2. Discomforts in early pregnancy and maintaining Intimacy
  3. What’s a Doula for? and how to stay Relaxed during birth
  4. Managing 3rd trimester Aches and preparing your Body for birth
  5. Childbirth coping strategies and Birth Plans
  6. Caring for a Newborn and yourself post-partum, Breastfeeding basics


Free to clients currently being seen for prenatal care at AFH&BC

All other participants, $100 for the series or $20 per class.

Groups are offered on a rotating basis and can be viewed on our website calendar.  Please call the clinic to reserve your spot.  The sessions are led by the midwives of AFH&BC and local experts.