We are pleased to offer well-woman gynecology care, annual exams & PAPs, and family planning services with our CNMs.  They offer individualized contraceptive counseling, helping each woman and couple find the right method for them.

Family Planning Options available at Alaska Family Health & Birth Center include:

  • Annual well-woman physicals
  • PAPs
  • Special counseling on methods compatible with breastfeeding
  • Placement of the Mirena or Paragard IUD
  • Hormonal birth control (pills, NuvaRing, Depo-Provera injection)
  • Fitting for a diaphram

Family Planning

Are you planning to become pregnant in the near future?  Congratulations on giving thought to this most important life decision.

We would be happy to talk with you about ways you (and your partner) can enhance your health and prepare for the pregnancy.  This can include nutritional counseling, reviewing supplements and medications, as well as discussing any concerns about your medical or family history.  We can also provide information about your cycle and ways to monitor and enhance your fertility and likelihood of conception.




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