Parenting Before Your Baby Arrives

As every expectant mother knows, your role as a parent starts developing long before the birth of your baby. In the same way, the relationship between mother and baby starts long before your child actually enters the world.

What is “parenting before your baby arrives?”

Your awareness of the baby within contributes to the bonding process. The attitudes, beliefs and emotions you experience have an impact on your baby and the upcoming birth. At Alaska Family Health & Birth Center, we encourage spending quiet moments with your baby to:

  • Send loving messages with your voice and caresses.
  • Talk to your baby about the people in your family, and their excitement for the baby’s arrival.
  • Relax, while focusing on your baby’s movements and activity.
  • Think loving thoughts directed at your baby and the upcoming birth.

There are so many ways to establish feelings of love and connectedness before your baby is in your arms. Your midwife is your partner in developing and discovering the ones that work best for you, your baby, and your family.

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