Our Families

We love our families, so we asked the share a little bit about working with us. Here are some of their comments!


"I've had all three of my children with the birth center. I felt truly cared for, respected, listened to, supported and empowered to have completely natural birth experiences. I really appreciated the informed consent and that I was allowed to make my own decisions about my care. I felt very safe and felt like the midwives were very balanced and wise in the procedures they administrated. For example, with my third baby I lost a fair amount of blood after the birth and my midwife thought I should probably have pitocin to help stop the bleeding but I never felt like she used fear to pressure me. She just kindly and wisely explained why she thought it was necessary. I really appreciated the way she handled it. So, those are just some of the reasons I love the birth center! It doesn't hurt either that the new birth center is beautiful!!"

-Tricia Bates, Facebook review, May 11, 2016


"I've had all four of my beautiful children with these wonderful midwives and each time they listened to me. I felt like they cared for me any my family and they took time to get to know us.

— Danna Sapp, Facebook review, May 12, 2016


"Just had kid #2 here today. Both times my wife had some issues post birth, and both times the knowledgeable and caring staff took care of my bride and my kin. These midwives are dedicated, professional and feel like family. DADs: If you're concerned that this "isn't a hospital" or "kinda hippyish", have no fear. I wouldn't go anywhere else. These ladies are amazing and your wife is in great hands.

— Sabastian P. Saarloos, Facebookreview, June 20, 2016

I could not imagine having children anywhere else! I love all of the staff from reception to all of the midwives. They make you feel like family and are a wealth of knowledge. I always feel as though I am treated as an equal when discussing pregnancy/birth/post partum decisions. Only suggestion I have is bring back the prenatal massage at the last few weeks of pregnancy!

— Tonja LaBuda, Facebook review, May 13, 2016


"When I moved here over halfway through my pregnancy I knew I wanted to deliver at a birth center. I had been induced with my two other children and when I expressed concerns and wants I was always listened to supported and uplifted. Time was always taken to get to know me and for me to get to know the midwives. By the time delivery came I felt like an included member in my prenatal care. I was less stressed than my other two pregnancies. Even though I moved away from family and friends I was content and happy. When I went into labor on my own I was so thrilled 9 days late but my body and I were on the same page. I after my birth experience I feel empowered. Thanks to the relationship I built with the midwives I was not worried about being in a new place delivering without family. The group prenatal appointments were wonderful. Everything was wonderful. You can tell these ladies care. Care about trying to meet your birth goals but they also care for you and your family and what is best for your health.

— Samantha Queeno, Facebook review, November 24, 2015


"Incredible women, incredible prenatal and delivery care! I would choose them 100 times over!

— Amanda Hardy, Facebook review September 10, 2015