Welcome Yggdrasil!

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We are pleased to join Stephanie and Andrew in welcoming their third child, a little boy named Yggdrasil into the world. He was born in a hurry on 9/14/18 at 1:23 am in a lovely water birth in the lake room. He weighed 8 pounds 2 ounces and his birth was attended by midwives Kate, Kayla and student midwife Mollie. Congratulations!

Welcome Rosemarie!


Cessnie and Clifton are pleased to announce the birth of their daughter Rosemarie! She had a peaceful waterbirth surrounded by family. Rosemarie weighed 5lb 10oz and was born at 9:29AM, attended by midwives Dana and Manga and student midwife Mollie. 
Congratulations and welcome to Rosemarie!