Board of Directors

Jerry Colp

Rachel Pleasants
Vice President

Caitlin Bourne
Secretary and member since 2007. As a mother of two, both daughters were born in the birthing tub at the clinic. “The midwives helped my mother have me in the early 80’s, and then I was able to have my babies with them now. My daughters represent the third generation of my family to be touched by these amazing women. I am excited to be able to serve them as they faithfully serve our community.”

Erin Floyd
Treasurer and member since 2005. “I tried the hospital birth situation with my first child and then moved on to the birth center for my next four babies. What a blessing to be able to support these women who care so much for families!”

Jenny Cross
Member since 2007.


Mission, Vision and Strategic Plan

Our core purpose

Transforming families through birth.

Our core values

Nurturing, empowering, Christ-centered caring.

Long-term, 10-year goal

AFH&BC will have a sustainable, accessible, state-of-the-art, midwifery-based birth center providing birth services to 20% of the children born in the interior of Alaska.

Vivid description

-AFH&BC is in a unique position to influence and care for young childbearing families Fairbanks and the Interior.

-We envision a permanent, purpose-built community facility where AFH&BC can be “put to rest” after 25 years of transitional rental property.

-AFH&BC would like to provide a facility where services can be developed and sustained, including: a store for sales related to our purpose, counseling services, comprehensive testing, classes, support groups and other therapeutic services.

-We envision an attractive, energy-efficient, low maintenance facility with a yard, playground and garden in a central Fairbanks location.

Mid-term, 5-year goal

AFH&BC will achieve “Phase 1″ of its long-term goal by securing its own facility with at least 4 birth rooms on property that is able to support the full vision and will have at least 3 full-time midwives on staff. We will increase the percentage of families we serve from 10% to 15% of the total births in Fairbanks.

Short-Term Goals 2008-2013

Internal Capacity-Quality

-Midwives trained in counseling, perinatal/neonatal psychology, cranial-sacral therapy. (2008-2009)

-Hire and train birth attendants to assist midwives. (2008)

-Recruit new midwifery students. (2008)

External Relationships-Marketing Plan

-Increase and expand advertising, both within the community and on a national level. (2008-2009)

-Enhance community awareness of AFH&BC by participation in events, speaker opportunities, and holding open houses. (2008)

-Develop partnerships within the community in the medical, social, business, and philosophical fields. (2008-2009)

Resources-Human and Financial-Quantity

-Apply for and receive at least one grant to enhance the services provided to families in our community. (2008-2009)

-Increase the number of consistent donors to at least 10 people a year. (2008)

-Begin to raise awareness among our clientele and in the community that we are a non-profit donor option. (2008)

-Recruit volunteer or paid grant writer and events coordinator. (2008)

-Recruit volunteers to help within the organization in various capacities. (2008)


-Continue to improve the quality of services we offer by providing midwives with expanded training opportunities within the field of midwifery and related services. (2008-2010)

-Continue to improve the board with continued training opportunities for board members and recruitment of desirable community members. (2008)

-Support overseas missions financially and by sending midwives to areas in need. (2009)