Mission, Vision and Strategic Plan

Our core purpose

Transforming families through birth.

Our core values

Nurturing, empowering, Christ-centered caring.

Long-term, 10-year goal

AFH&BC will have a sustainable, accessible, state-of-the-art, midwifery-based birth center providing birth services to 20% of the children born in the interior of Alaska.

Vivid description

-AFH&BC is in a unique position to influence and care for young childbearing families Fairbanks and the Interior.

-We envision a permanent, purpose-built community facility where AFH&BC can be “put to rest” after 25 years of transitional rental property.

-AFH&BC would like to provide a facility where services can be developed and sustained, including: a store for sales related to our purpose, counseling services, comprehensive testing, classes, support groups and other therapeutic services.

-We envision an attractive, energy-efficient, low maintenance facility with a yard, playground and garden in a central Fairbanks location.

Mid-term, 5-year goal

AFH&BC will achieve “Phase 1″ of its long-term goal by securing its own facility with at least 4 birth rooms on property that is able to support the full vision and will have at least 3 full-time midwives on staff.  We will increase the percentage of families we serve from 10% to 15% of the total births in Fairbanks.

Short-Term Goals 2008-2013

Internal Capacity-Quality

-Midwives trained in counseling, perinatal/neonatal psychology, cranial-sacral therapy.  (2008-2009)

-Hire and train birth attendants to assist midwives.  (2008)

-Recruit new midwifery students.  (2008)

External Relationships-Marketing Plan

-Increase and expand advertising, both within the community and on a national level.  (2008-2009)

-Enhance community awareness of AFH&BC by participation in events, speaker opportunities, and holding open houses.  (2008)

-Develop partnerships within the community in the medical, social, business, and philosophical fields.  (2008-2009)

Resources-Human and Financial-Quantity

-Apply for and receive at least one grant to enhance the services provided to families in our community.  (2008-2009)

-Increase the number of consistent donors to at least 10 people a year.  (2008)

-Begin to raise awareness among our clientele and in the community that we are a non-profit donor option.  (2008)

-Recruit volunteer or paid grant writer and events coordinator.  (2008)

-Recruit volunteers to help within the organization in various capacities.  (2008)


-Continue to improve the quality of services we offer by providing midwives with expanded training opportunities within the field of midwifery and related services. (2008-2010)

-Continue to improve the board with continued training opportunities for board members and recruitment of desirable community members.  (2008)

-Support overseas missions financially and by sending midwives to areas in need.  (2009)