Mission & Vision

Our core purpose

Transforming families through birth.

Our core values

Nurturing, empowering, Christ-centered caring.

Long-term, 10-year goal

AFH&BC will have a sustainable, accessible, state-of-the-art, midwifery-based birth center providing birth services to 20% of the children born in the interior of Alaska.

Vivid description

Since we recognize AFH&BC is in a unique position to influence and care for young childbearing families in Fairbanks and the Interior, we need a facility that can be the skin We envision owning a permanent, purpose-built community facility where AFH&BC can be “put to rest” after 20 years of transitional rental property. Our facility will provide services that can be developed and sustained, including but not limited to: a store for sales related to our purpose, counseling services, comprehensive testing, classes, support groups and other therapeutic services. We envision an attractive, energy-efficient, low maintenance facility with a yard, playground and garden in a central Fairbanks location.

Mid-term, 5-year goal

AFH&BC will achieve “Phase 1″ of its long-term goal by securing its own facility with at least 3 birth rooms on property that is able to support the full vision and will have at least 3 full-time midwives on staff.